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I am an Australian fashion designer with a


 self titled fashion label Jerusha Couture™.



After owning my own boutique for 4 years I gained


popularity in 2010 as one of the original members of


YouTube’s most fabulous community.



The luxury community is one of


the fastest growing community platforms on YouTube today.



This enjoyable hobby turned quickly into a part-time career after


signing a partnership with the amazing StyleHaul network.



I am proud to say that after all these years of being a Fashion Blogger 


this has enabled me to communicate in such a rewarding way with 


such a big part of the world.  This has in turn complemented my fashion career.




The luxury brand community is an amazing group of fashion 


enthusiasts that care for one and other,

talk, laugh and share our purchases and review them for others to consider. 


I believe in us and I believe that even though

the subject can be controversial due to the price point, we have created

a place for people to come and be happy no matter what they’re going through,

a place to live vicariously, to smile and laugh.


So thank you, each and everyone of you that Like, Rate and Subscribe to our channels.

All my love take care. PEACE✌








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